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We are thrilled that you are here because we know you will find the watch that is right for you. The Time Piece you choose today, until now, only the very rich could afford, but not anymore.


We beleive that a watch under a thousand dollars should be under a thousand dollar by more than one dollar. That's a joke right. We think you should be able to buy one of our quaity tourbillon watches, take your wife out for dinner and have enough for the parking, babysitting and a tub of ice cream for the movie that night with the family and still have change from the thousand for you starbucks the next day. That is affordable and that is what we provide for our customers at Milenia Watch Company.


Our collections are watches that other companies are crying about because we are providing you with the statement to wear on your wrist, "I have arrived"! without the exorbitant price tag. 


The tourbillon special complication is that statement and its not only available in the most expensive watches anymore, its availabe here and its available now.


Don't be fooled by the naysayers who put down afforedable watches, affordable doesn't mean cheap or low quality, it means affordable.


Our time pieces are excellent examples of horological quality that will impress your family, friends and colleagues.


We know Milenia Watch Company is your go to provider of affordable qality time pieces that you can trust as we back up our product with a lifetime warranty.


Go to our different Collections pages and choose your watch to support our crowdfunding effort and start enjoying the luxury of owning a tourbillon watch today.


As soon as we confirm you contribution we will send you your sellection in the beautifully crafted locking wood watch box.

The Tourbillon

The marvel of the watch world. The 'Formula One' of everything horological. This is the time  piece        that tells all who see it on your           wrist that "you have arrived"!            You are now in the big leagues            of time piece ownership.           
            You won't have to let them                   know how much you paid                   for the workmanship on                      your wrist. Let them                              guess, and the guess                           will be high and you will                       know the power of                                  the tourbillon. 

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