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Hello, my name is Perry Kusnezoff and I need your help. I suffer from a genetically inherited disorder called Elhers Danlos Syndrom type 3 hypermobility. It is a disabling condition because of the pain I endure on a daily basis. Not exactly a lot of fun. I have been suffering in this situation since I was fourteen years old. Back then they called it something else but now they realize that this is not something in my head but it is real and the pain I suffer is real as well.
If that was not enough, something else happened to me on December 29, 2017 that made my health condition even worse. I was involved in an accident in China where a courier driver pulled out from behind a truck with his three wheeled delivery van right into the path of a lady on an electric scooter. I was on her left side with her back tire and my front wheel in line creating a situation that has made my already painful life even worse. The lady didn't want to hit the courier head on, she had a second to move or she would have hit the courier without a helmet causing certain death, so she moved to the left where her rear wheel contacted my front wheel sending me and my e-scooter airborne. I went up into the air and came down onto the tall cement curb on the side of the bike lane breaking five ribs in seven places. Two of my large ribs were broken in two place, in the front and back, leaving them free floating in my chest and three other ribs broken in only one place. The amazing thing is, I did not die on the road then and there. I should have died of a flail chest but because I was working out with a friend and building up my muslces at doctors orders, my muscles were strong enough to keep the ribs out of my lungs and me still alive. However, the right side of my chest didn't escape the damage and the muscles and connective tissue was torn and pulled in all different directions and I have been left with a different kind of increased pain as a result. I was lying on the road and people came to help me off the road but when I turned around I found out that they only wanted me out of the way so they could get home. I was a nusciance blocking the traffic. Once I was no longer lying on the road everyone went home and left me on the side of the road with my broken ribs and something else. Along with the broken ribs, I also had a severely torn ACL and meniscus of my left leg. When they what I thought were kind people helped me off the road, each step felt like I was tearing my leg apart over and over again. It was only a miracle that give me the strength to get home to my wife, that an a nice Chinese man who helped steady my e scooter until I could get it going  and then give me a little push and sent me on my way. Without that kind man I would have probably done more damage to what was already a very damaged body at this point. After a few weeks I had a donour ACL and a repaired meniscus on my left leg and my ribs were healing as ribs heal. The only thing about my ribs is, the doctors didn't realize that I had five broken ribs in seven places. They thought it was only two. That is probably why I am in so much more pain that if they had done follow up exams and discovered what was going on in my chest. I can only say that there were more miracles keeping my ribs from impaling my lungs. Now only if this accident had happened at home in North America I would not be asking anyone for anything because I would have been set with the insurance money, but in China, you end up with nothing, even if the courier company, SF-Express Courier,  responsible for the accident promised to begin with, they take back their promises to even cover costs let along the price to pay for the pain medication for the rest of my life.
I am fifty-eight now and I have a lot of years left in me and my monthly medication bill is between six and eight hundred US dollars depending on how much pain I am trying to cover. I need to be able to provide for my own medical bills and the living expenses of my son who is now fourteen as well as my fifty-five year old wife who, we recently discovered, has a tumour in her uterus.
I try to look on the bright side of things. I didn't die in the accident and am still around to help my wife raise my son. I am thankful for the fact that I can still enjoy watching my son get older even if I can no longer play with him like I could before the accident happened. The pain is just too intense. Maybe if I could find some other way of treating my injuries I may be able to do so. I was also not able to be with my wife for over a year after the accident. That put a great strain on our marriage but thankfully it is better now. However, we still have a lot we need and this brings me to why I am here on this site.
The real reason I am here. I love watches and I want to share my love of watches with others by providing people with the kind of watch that they really want to own at a price that will make it possible. I don't only love watches, I love tourbillon movements. They are incredible to watch and wear on your wrist. I have an open heart watch but it is not a tourbillon and I know all of your who have an open heart watch know it is not even close. I now can do what I thought I could not do and that is own a tourbillon soon. I have already done the ground work needed to provide myself and you, the funders, with a beautifully elegant minimalistic watch that displays your favourite element to all who you meet on a daily basis.
I will be offering to the public "The Four Elements" with the beating heart of a tourbillon taking its place just below the central hands displaying its movements in a large opening allowing you to view the magic that Abraham-Louis Breguet created over two hundred years ago. You will also be happy to know that the watch keeps beating at 28,800 beats and keeps time well within the range of the best Swiss watches today.
This is just the beginning of my adventure in providing you with exquisite watches. My next offering will be a time piece that will utterly amaze you because of its beauty and the wonder that the tourbillon creates for your viewing pleasure.
It is amazing that something so small can dazzle our mind, but that is why watch makers have been able to charge such astronomical prices over the years. Now, because of the times we live in, we, the average Joe, can enjoy this creative marvel  and share it will those we love at a price that will make the Swiss shutter with anger and fear. Gone are the days where you can only dream about having your own tourbillon. Now you can afford to have your own or even more than one on a regular salary. It is no longer the playground of the rich and famous but everyone can enjoy having a watch that just amazes all who own a Tourbillon.
It is with the greatest of pleasure that I offer to you, "The Four Elements" I hope you will enjoy wearing this incredible time piece as much as I have enjoyed dreaming about being able to make it all happen. As a person who could with all honesty beg for money on a gofundme page. I do not want to be a burden to society. I want to offer you something that is precious and worth buying in exchange for supporting my endeavor to provide for my family and myself. I hope that you see the vision that I see and will help me make it happen. I have had the dream. Now you can make it a reality now and into the future with the other offerings that I will be presenting to you in order to have the kind of watch collection that only the very rich were able to afford until now. Milenia Watch Co.


This is not exactly perfect at the moment. I am in too much pain to go over it right now so please bare with me. I will finish it soon. If you would like to read it just know that I know there are mistakes. Thank you.
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I love watches. I love the look of them and how they work. The mechanical wind ups and automatics, not the quartz watches. To have to put you hands on a watch and do something with it to get it to work makes you feel like you are connected to the watch and it isn't just something that you wear on your wrist. Its something that you enjoy to have as part of your life. An old friend of mine recently asked me to help her find a wind up or automatic watch. She said she is tired of changing batteries all the time. It isn't just that batteries pollute the earth, but quartz watches never tell you when they will quit. A wind up will work all the time as long as you habitually wind it up. There is something pure in that idea, if you know what I mean. 
I know it may sound a bit corny but for people who love watches that is kind of the way it is, isn't it? 


I really love the look of those expensive watches. The Tourbillon especially. I knw that there was no way that I will be able to get my hands on one of them, except, maybe, there is. I have been observing the watch scene and other people opening up crowdfunding companies and I knew that I could do that too. Only I want to make it even more affordable so even more people can get a watch that they thought was out of reach before. That is why I want to begin this company.
Something else is that when I was a lot younger no one wanted to hire me. I had a strange problem and I had to tell them in the aplication and ends up with them saying, 'we will let you know' and you never get a call back. If you don't tell them and you have to stay in bed because of pain they fiind out you didn't reveal the problem you have. Then they say, 'you didn't tell us on the application, your fired for not letting us know' and you don't have a job anymore no matter how good you are.
The pain is excrusiating to say the least. As I write this I am hurting so much I can barely think straight. I had to go on welfare often and many people leered at me with disgust in their eyes thinking I was nothing but a useless waste of air. It didn't make me feel very good. Once a welfare counsellor told me not to worry about what others say, I didn't ask to inherit this disorder. It made me feel better but it didn't pay the bills and welfare was not enough to live on. I finally had a doctor send me to a genetics clinic and they found out that I had hypermobility syndrome. That was before they had it pegged as EDS3. I finally had solas that it wasn't in my head and I finally had the ability to get pain meds without trying to convince doctors that I wasn't a drug addict. One doctor once told to learn to live with the pain. Yeah, right! I went through many years of depression and wanted to kill myself many times. I had it all planned out once with my nine mm and the bullets all ready to go and then something happened. A miracle that changed my mind. I sold my gun and moved on. I still struggle with depression at times, with this much pain all day everyday it is a marvel that I have been able to keep going. I now have a son to keep me going but his pain is increasing and I need to be able to help him before I get too old to have a way to support himself. That is why this crowdfunding is so important, Why this company will succeed.  I know it will succeed. I am in too much pain to go one right now. Please, help me do this. Please, make this a reality so I can provide for my family and my son can have something to look forward to so he doesn't have to go through what I went through. It is a horrible thing to have to deal with. I hope that you can see it in your soul to do this for us. You'll get a great time piece and another peace, The peace of mind knowing that you helped someone. I will pay it forward again and again and again.
Have a wonderful day and take care.
With great thanks
Perry Kusnezoff.