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The green of the land that covers our planet represented by our green colour burst watch face with the beating heart of a Tourbillon portal for your to enjoy the majesty of mechanical genious more than two hundred years old. A beautiful watch for whoever loves our planet and its flora.






The eliqur of life. We drink it we play in it we use it for so many innumerable things.. Without it we would not exist on this planet. The blue colour burst to the horizon reminds you of standing on the shore of a great ocean and looking out to the horizon water is all you see. 



The element of heat that keeps us warm on a cold winters day. The almost perfect cirlce reminds you of the fire within the sun that warms you on a beautiful summers eve. An exquisite time peace set in plated rose gold or stainless steel.



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Certainly not the last of the elements for each element is completely neccessary with air being the most needed in our lives. We use the colour of the clouds to represent air as they float on it and are blown with the wind which is the power of the air. The silver grey colour burst with the tourbillon rotating in its viewing portal is a beautiful time piece that would look impressive on anyone's wrist.



Earth Water Fire Air, the Four Elements Each with its importance in our lives without which we would not be able to exist. We want to celebrate the elements that we have been blessed with on this planet.
Each minimalist colour burst setting is a beautiful time piece and its heart, the Tourbillon, beating a viewing portal, mezmorizing you as it counts the minutes away. An incredibly amazing engineering feat created by Abraham-Louis Breguet more than two hunred ago.
This is a true minimalist fourty millimeter broad by twelve millimeter thick automatic mechanical movement time piece with nothing disturbing the colour burst that flows to the bezel except that amazing Tourbillon and its viewing portal. The viewing window is a saphire crystal on both the front and back. The time pieces are waterresistant to three atmospheres.
To order one of these impressive watches please go to Plumfund and make a contribution of $769 for a limited time offer. The price will be raised to $888.00USD after the offer has expired. We will have your watch delivered shortly after your contribution has been verified. 
Enjoy the look of each of the time pieces we have to offer. The images, although stunning, are nothing compared to the actual time pieces.


"The Four Elements"


*One hundred and fifty-five parts and eighteen jewels *Seagull ST 8004  mechanical movement *Synthetic saphire crystal and rear saphire case back

*316L stainless steel case

*beat frequency  28,800bph

*40 hour power reserve

*42mm breadth by 12 mm depth

*waterproof 3ATM

*leather strap with double butterfly clasp

*limited lifetime warranty 

*locking gift box


 The Four Elements Watch Collection


     by Milenia Watch

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